Water Security for the Northern Territory is an important issue.

The Northern Territory Government and Power and Water Corporation are working to secure water supplies across the Territory.

Water security for all Territorians

With a growing population we have a growing need for water - for people, agriculture, industry and the environment.

It is imperative that water security is futureproofed for Territorians.

The Northern Territory (NT) Government understands the increasing demands for this essential resource and is planning for the long term.

Find out about how the NT Government and Power and Water Corporation are working to both secure water supplies and encourage the efficient use of water across the Territory.

The NT Government, in partnership with the Australian Government and Power and Water Corporation, have completed the Adelaide River Off-stream Water Storage detailed business case.
Find out more about the development of a strategic water plan for the NT.
Find out more about Power and Water services to your door.
Find out about how you can help reduce water use to ensure the ongoing sustainability of the Territory’s precious water resources.

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