Darwin region future water supply

The Northern Territory (NT) Government is committed to delivering safe drinking water for all Territorians, water for irrigated agriculture and manufacturing opportunities, as well as maintaining environmental and recreational requirements.

It is imperative that water availability in the Darwin region does not constrain development of new major projects or growth more generally.

In 2019, the Australian Government committed $2 million through the National Water Infrastructure Development Fund to support the delivery of the detailed business case for the Darwin region water supply.

The NT Government is working in partnership with the Australian Government and Power and Water Corporation to deliver the detailed business case.

The detailed business case is being deliver in two parts:

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The Department of Industry, Tourism and Trade, in collaboration with the Australian Government and Power and Water Corporation, are developing a detailed business case to assess two short-listed infrastructure options to meet the Darwin region’s future water supply needs.

The business case will provide the information government needs to make an informed decision, including if, how and when to invest in new infrastructure.

The development of the detailed business case is being supported by a $2 million Australian Government investment, which forms part of its nationwide commitment for water infrastructure projects.

Like all major infrastructure projects, if one of the options is progressed in the future, rigorous approval processes would be followed, including the need to meet all legislated requirements such as environmental impact assessment.

No decisions have been made and community input is essential to inform future decisions made by government.

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The survey closes at 8am on Monday 26 July 2021.

Department of Industry, Tourism and Trade

The Department of Industry, Tourism and Trade was established by the Northern Territory Government in September 2020.

The department supports industry development through globally competitive strategy, policy and promotion and delivers a regulatory framework that enables responsible growth, market access and stakeholder certainty.

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